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“… Please blame others and let me know I’m a piece of shit.
You don’t need to reflect with that cynical wit …”

Glasses is a relatively new and kick-ass hardcore punk supergroup from Germany that’s furiously taking the hardcore scene by storm. Glasses formed in 2008 from members of well-known outfits: EavesTrainwreck, Perth Express, The 244GL, and The F.A..

“Glasses delivers the most pulverising, rock ‘n’ roll-ing-est hardcore that has ever been played in drop-C tuning.”

“They started to take the throne of hardcore; their crusade was more than successful; hardcore 2010 ruled by a fourpiece from Germany!”

(via Bis Auf’s Messer Records & Gallery)

If memory serves me right, I saw a link to their self-titled debut on some random blog and decided to download it for the heck of it; ’tis a good thing that I did, haha. Glasses had me hooked straightaway just from listening to their debut’s opening track, “Intro/Ihsym.” The vocalist’s screams are ferocious and that made me feel tingly all over. Even my younger self was pleased because I was reminded of hardcore punk bands (à la Pipedown, Thought Riot, Destruction Made Simple) I used to listen to in the 8th grade; I don’t listen to much nowadays, though. But oh, I love that feeling when you’re pleasantly reminiscing. Feels good, man.

Glasses have truly rekindled my love for hardcore punk.

Thank you, Glasses.

“. . . a monster of dark and brutal rocking hardcore punk, razorsharp breaks, hyperprecise drumming and an angry female singer that you would not want to get an argument with.”

(via Bis Auf’s Messer Records & Gallery)

You can order their records from Bloodtown Records and Bis Auf’s Messer Records & Gallery.


Comadre/Glasses Split

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