(Photographer: Vladimir Shirokov)

Natalia Ilinichna Ionova, better known by her moniker, Glukoza, is a Russian pop artist.

I knew of Glukoza for a while, but I put off listening to her material because Russian music kind of difficult to search for. Fortunately, she put her music up for free download on her website. What’s funny though, is that I never thought to check her website for her music since artists don’t tend to put their music up online for free, right? Instead, I searched for blogs and forums (for like the longest time everrrrr) to see if people uploaded her albums, but came up with nothing and I stopped searching. But two or three days ago I decided to check her website on a whim and what did I see after I clicked the “Audio” link? MP3 download links to all of her songs!!! I could have gotten her stuff sooner if I checked her website first, haha.

Anyways, check her stuff out. She’s got some pretty catchy and fun tunes.



Новые (I’m not sure if this is a mini-album of some sort or a random compilation of new songs she recorded)

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