Malady (2004-2005)

(Photographer: Unknown)

Rising up from the ashes of Pg.99 and City of Caterpillar, Malady took flight. But just like the phoenix, Malady had a very short lifespan. After the disband, members went on to form Verse En Coma and Pygmy Lush.

Comprised of members from two legendary screamo bands you would expect Malady to sound just like the two combined. Instead you get City of Caterpillar’s dark and brooding guitar melodies complemented by Johnny Ward’s graceful yet subtly aggressive drumming. Vocalist Chris Taylor’s hybrid singing/screaming definitely adds a unique tinge to the whole mix. I don’t know what other terms to use to describe Malady’s sound… seriously I can’t. It’s music like this that’s just too good to put into words.

It ain’t no City of Caterpillar. It ain’t no Pg.99. It ain’t no screamo. And it ain’t no hardcore punk. All you need to know is that Malady fucking rocks.


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