Mihai Edrisch (2002-2006)

(Photographer: zendkid411)

Mihai Edrisch was a French screamo band that formed in Lyon, France in 2002; it disbanded in 2006. Two full-length records have been released within its lifetime: L’un sans l’autre (2003) and Un jour sans lendemain (2005). Mihai Edrisch plays a beautifully crafted and unbridled brand of screamo. Their sound has been defined as “rapid and chaotic, and sometimes loud and aerial” and that “their music always has a desperate or melancholy presence.”

After the disband, some members went to play in other bands. Johan (vocals) and Guillaume (guitar) are currently playing in CELESTE. Benoit (drums) plays in Daïtro.

L'un sans l'autreYou can buy a repress of their debut album, L’un sans l’autre, from Denovali Records. Only 250 pieces were pressed on clear vinyl + red splatter; too bad the gold vinyls + black splatter are no more 😦 But the clear ones are mighty pretty. Check it out by clicking on the picture to the left.

If you want to order the last album, Un jour sans lendemain, Atropine Records might have them in stock. You’ll have to contact them.


L’un sans l’autre

Un jour sans lendemain

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