Mesa Verde

(Photographer: Tom Mitchell)

Mesa Verde is a band from Glasgow, Scotland (UK). They play screamo with a tendency to add post-rock parts into the mix; pretty awesome concoction of both genres if you ask me. Mellow build-ups giving way to BERSERKER MODE, then a cooldown and then back to ripping your face off.

You can say that Mesa Verde is Scotland’s equivalent to City of Caterpillar; David even said that he started Mesa Verde after downloading some CoC. In addition to City of Caterpillar, I get reminded of June Paik, Mihai Edrisch, and Louise Cyphre due to the fact that Mesa applies a lot of octave chords in their songs.

“. . . We started as a band after I downloaded some City of Caterpillar, Orchid and Pg.99 mp3s and shared them with my friends.”

(via David of Mesa Verde)

For people in Europe, you can order their latest record, The Old Road, from Art For Blind Records; for those of you that live in the USA, you can order The Old Road from Ash From Sweat or Ghidorah Records. I currently have no idea where you can order a copy of Amor Fati, but if any of you out there see this and know where to buy Amor Fati, please leave a comment below.

Amor Fati

The Old Road

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