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Alpinist is (according to their a dark-hardcore/neocrust—I’d just say highly impressive—band from Münster, Germany. I recently found out about Alpinist while looking at Glasses‘ similar artists module on; their name sounded hella cool so I decided to give ’em a listen. This band turned out be my foray into the crust genre (which I don’t have much knowledge in) and ended up becoming one of my favorite bands to listen to.

Not knowing what to expect, I downloaded their first full-length, minus.mensch, aaaaaaaand I ended up being blown away by that record; it was chock-full of skillful drumming, heavy-as-hell bass, melodic guitar lines, and angry angry angry. One of my favorite tracks off that record is probably “From Groveling to Running in Less than A Second.”

“These four young people have played countless shows in Europe the last two years and should be well known for all those into contemporary melodic HC/Crust. Definitely one of the best bands in this genre coming from Germany at the moment . . .”

(via Bis Auf’s Messer Records & Gallery)

It took me a while to warm up to Alpinist’s latest release, LICHTLÆRM, though. At first listen it didn’t hook me as fast as minus.mensch did; it sounded drastically different to me. It seemed that the band went in a much darker direction while staying close to its roots. However, after a few more listens from beginning to end I started liking the hell out it. LICHTLÆRM is definitely more sinister than their previous releases, methinks. Even the album title looks menacing in all caps.

Two tracks that I think stand out in LICHTLÆRM are “Licht” and “LÆRM.” Yes, “Licht” and “LÆRM” are the words that make up the album title, haha. Why do these two stand out? They are purely instrumental tracks. “Licht” is doooooooooooom as hell. “LÆRM” has definitely got post-metal tinges to it. It starts off with a minute of noise and then a doomy guitar riff starts and segues into a loud section.  After that there’s a crescendo—starting at the 2:55 mark—into a heavy denouement. Post-crust, anyone?

“Alpinist: Seem to have the formula right. The music is pummeling and dark while falling in the crust genre. Screamed vocals power forward through the speakers as the charging guitars cut through. Amazing drumming that is far from generic. They’re definitely an apocalyptic journey of sound.”

(via Bis Auf’s Messer Records & Gallery)

So yeah… until a new record is out, that’s all I have to say for now about Alpinist. Give ’em a listen and if you like their stuff, buy one of their albums. If you live in Europe, you can order their albums from Phobiact Records or from Bis Auf’s Messer. For those living in the USA you can order minus.mensch from Robotic Empire and LICHTLÆRM from Vitriol Records.

I was able to get in touch with Hendrik (drums) through e-mail and he provided me a link—’tis below—to a non-vinyl rip version of LICHTLÆRM; it’s in 320kbps MP3, son! Thanks, Hendrik!

Alpinist/Finisterre Split



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