The Kodan Armada (2000-2004, 2005)

(Photographer: Jonathan K. Manning)

My gosh… I forgot how good this band is. The Kodan Armada were a screamo/emo band from Louisville, Kentucky. While they weren’t a ground-breaking band or anything their music still provides that visceral essence that many screamo bands utilize. The effect that the music has on the listener is multiplied due to the fact that all the members of the Kodan Armada take part in screaming/singing lyrics. So yeah, it’s a whole motherfuckin’ armada headed straight for your heart.

“I feel like our role was to help people find a part of themselves that they weren’t able to access without an excuse to let it out – the screaming and crying was just a bigger part of how all of us really feel on the inside, but we’re all so limited by our roles in life and what we’re told is acceptable that we’re never able to let it out. Maybe we were just another screamo band, but I really want to believe that we were able to let people accept that, and to let it into and out of their hearts like one huge pulsating emotion going through all of us in those sweaty basement nights. Thank you for being a part of what Kodan Armada was, and what it was able to do.”

– Adam (Guitar)

(via Louisville Hardcore)

If any of you are wondering about the origin of their name, they took it from a 1984 sci-fi flick called The Last Starfighter; this was one of my favorite movies when I was younger (I got my hands on the 25th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray for $10 a while back; shit’s cash). In The Last Starfighter, the evil d00dz are from the Ko-Dan Empire. And more importantly, since all galactic empires should not be without a fleet of space warships, the empire has the Ko-Dan Armada.

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