The Return And My 10 Favorite Albums Of 2010

Hey guys, I know that it has been a while since I’ve posted anything new.  I have not been able to keep up with updates since I am pretty busy now due to the fact that spring semester started last month.  But do not worry, this blog ain’t dead yet! It is still too young, haha.

Now that 2010 has come to close, I’ll list my favorite 10 albums—in no particular order. 2010 has particularly been a good year for new music; long awaited albums and albums that were seriously under the radar.


France’s CELESTE never ceases to amaze me. MORTE(S) NÉE(S) is CELESTE’s third full-length. The poster for the 2010 Denovali Swingfest described CELESTE as “Hell’s choir.”

Aggressive. Crushing. Intense. Menacing. Negative. Overwhelming. Vehement.

MORTE(S) NÉE(S) is the musical manifestation of all things related to rage. You should definitely check this album out.


Juli – In Love

For those of you that have listened to their earlier albums and then listened to In Love, you’d probably go “Whoa, this album sounds totally different from the rest of their releases.” Well, I guess that is what happens when there is a four year gap between albums.

In Love has groovy beats and gloomy melodies. Juli have also incorporated some electronic elements into some of their songs.

A great listen.

Envy – Recitation

Probably the most awaited album from the Japanese legends.

Envy have taken all the things they’ve done in the past 18 years and created a heavenly amalgam of sound.

Probably the most uplifting record I have ever listened to.



Glasses – The Ills of Life

The latest release from Germany’s hardcore punk supergroup, Glasses.

It’s got very hard-rockin’ tracks. “Mt. Ashtray” is the track to look out for while listening to the Ills of Life. The sequence of “Mt. Ashtray” -> “Vertigos” -> “Fullthrottle” could be considered one huge song. It starts quietly from “Mt. Ashtray” and slowly builds to the kick-ass denouement of “Fullthrottle”. Pedal to the metal, baby!


Christina Aguilera – Bionic

I would like to thank Christina Aguilera for showing up as a guest on Conan; I downloaded most of her discography due to her glamorous presence  on the show (“Genie in a Bottle” nostalgia also commenced). Aaaaaaaanyways, let’s get to Bionic.

The name “Bionic” says it all. It’s focused on electronic elements and it’s heavy on the synths. Aguilera worked with a variety of producers and artists such as Ladytron, Le Tigre, and Linda Perry so there’s a diversity of styles. This assortment showcases Aguilera’s versatility. Fo’ realz. I LAUV IT!

Ghastly City Sleep – M O O N D R I F T S

If I did not check Ghastly City Sleep’s shoutbox when M O O N D R I F T S was released last June(?) this album probably would have not made it onto this list. It must have been fate that brought me to shell out six bones for this record.

Drastically different, but really fresh sound when compared to the self-titled EP. Brandon Evans’ vocals took me by surprise; he’s pretty good! Expect lush soundscapes, beautifully crafted passages, and trip-hoppy sequences.

The LP version has BEEEEEEYOUUUTEEEEFULLLLLL artwork. Definitely give this a listen.

Alpinist – LICHTLÆRM

Insaaaaaaaaaaaaaane. What else can I say?

Oh! Whatever I said in the Alpinist post.





heaven in her arms – 幻月

Doom as fuck.

Explosive as fuck.

Screamo as fuck.

Post-rock as fuck.

“Halcyon” segueing into “Butterfly in Right Helicoid” is godly.


Sed Non Satiata – Sed Non Satiata

Sed Non Satiata was super sneaky releasing this album due to the fact that none of the band members ever announced the release of their new album; the Sed Non Satiata website still says that the “new album is coming soon.” Oh well, I still got to listen to it because some dude posted a link to download it.

Sed Non Satiata do a very excellent job combining screamo elements with post-rock tendencies. Their sound has definitely matured (not that they sucked in their previous releases) since the split with Daïtro. This album is only five tracks long, but it packs a punch. Very “romantic” screamo.

Daikaiju – Phase 2

Do I really need to say anything?

IT’S DAIKAIJU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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