(Photographer: Rachel Cobcroft)

Piana is the moniker of the Japanese ambient/electronic artist Naoko Sasaki. She started off as one-half of the duo called Card Skepper with guitarist Yuichiro Iwashita (now part of Minamo). She has also collaborated World’s End Girlfriend (a.k.a. Katsuhiko Maeda) and Mokira (a.k.a. Andreas Tilliander).

Her music can be described as delicate, simple, and child-like. Her music combined with her petite and cute voice makes it feel like you’re in a dream; also makes for great studying music! So far she has released three full-length albums: Snow Bird, Ephemeral, and Eternal Castle; there has been no recent news about any upcoming releases 😦 She also released a collaboration album, THE SOUND OF OUR SUMMER, with Her Space Holiday and Joseph Nothing as The Heartbreak Moment.

“Experience a soft focus, long exposure take on electronic sound, acoustic instrumentation and voice. Over the past five years Piana has created three full length records, culminating in her latest record, Eternal Castle.

With her ability to weave the fine musical interplays into intimate electronica, Piana has been likened to Tujiko Noriko and is tipped to become one of the most significant voices of the post-electronica world.”

(via Brisbane Powerhouse)

You can buy her first two albums—Snow Bird and Ephemeral—as a digital download via iTunes. You can also order physical copies of her albums from sellers through Amazon (beware some of the prices).

If you like her you also might want to check out Tujiko NorikoCaroline, and Sawako.

I won’t post links to download her albums for everyone to use until Piana writes me back an e-mail—it’s been about three months since I sent her one. However, if you really want them, please send me a message/comment with your e-mail address and I will write you back. So until then you can listen to some of her music on her MySpace; you can also sample songs from Amazon or iTunes. Here’s a nice music video of her song, “Something is Lost“, from the album, Ephemeral.

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