Alpinist created a Bandcamp account and put up all six tracks from their side of the Alpinist/Masakari split as well as their previous two albums for streaming and free download. The songs’ musical stylings follow suit from their 2010 release, LICHTLÆRM; however, the tracks sound much darker and more extreme. I really like what I’m hearing.

And about Masakari’s siiiiiide… Holy friggin’ crap. I think they really one-upped themselves with these eight insanely blistering tracks. I mean… damn… I thought The Prophet Feeds was pretty heavy, but the songs from this split proved me wrong.

You can get copies of the Alpinist/Masakari split from Halo of Flies Records (for US customers) and Alerta Antifascista (for EU customers). The European versions are up for pre-order until August 25th which is the official release date for the split. Ya’ll Europeans are pretty fortunate since there will be three limited colors available: Grey/Black Haze, Silver/Black Haze, and White/Black Haze 😀

Oh, and do yourself a favor and go see these two awesome bands on tour.

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